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AC Tech Drives,  Power Converters & Electronic Programming Modules

 Includes the NEW  AC Tech SMVector Drive, the AC Tech Sub-Micro Drives SC & DC Series,  the AC Tech Micro Drives, and the AC Tech Electronic Programming Module (EPM).
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AC Tech Building Automation and HVAC Control:  The MCH Series

Designed for HVAC Professionals, the MCH Series is an ideal solution for flow and volume control of fans, pumps and cooling towers. Variable frequency drives not only provide better regulation of the system (and thereby greater comfort), but save significant energy compared with traditional damper or valve systems.  AC Tech MCH Series is designed for centrifugal loads as found in fan, pump and cooling tower applications. The AC Tech Drive MCH Series is designed to control these applications by the most energy efficient means: direct motor control. Whether you specify, install or operate HVAC systems, you can rely on the AC Tech Drive built specifically for HVAC Professionals. Branch Circuit Protection is available choose either an ABB Circuit Breakers or Disconnect with fusing, both offer door interlocked rotary handle. If branch circuit protection is located elsewhere, door interlocked disconnect switch is available without fusing.   More information here

AC Tech SCF Series sub-micro drive

AC Tech SCF Series Sub-Micro Drive is a full featured sub-micro drive. 1/4 to 2 horsepower, 208, 230, 480, 590V. 3hp is available in 208, 230, 480. The new SCF Series drive is an adjustable frequency C motor drive offers a flexible, full featured design with a compact size and low cost. The size and features of the innovative drive put the SCF drive in a class of its own. It maintains its ultra-compact 5.75" x 2.88" size through three horsepower. With eighteen control terminals and the most extensive array of I/O availability, the SCF has the flexibility found in no other sub-micro variable frequency drive.

Ideal for OEM applications, the SCF Series variable frequency drive is competitive with dc drives, two speed motors, adjustable pulleys, and in many cases, even fixed speed AC systems. The exceptional reliability, small size and low cost of the SCF Series are the result of an innovative, software intensive design, which fully utilizes the capabilities of the proven hardware technologies (new generation IGBT's drivers, current sensors and highly integrated microprocessors.

At horsepower ratings from 1/4 to three horsepower and input voltages of 120 VAC output (230 VAC output) and 240 VAC single phase and 208/240, 400/480, and 590 VAC three phase, the SCF can be used anywhere,. The perfect choice for OEM's addressing international markets.

AC Tech SCM Series Sub-Micro Drive

The compact packaging and comprehensive functionality makes the AC Technology Drive SCM Series an ideal drive to use on equipment requiring variable speed, soft starting or reversing operation. The easy to use AC Tech SCM series is configured and ready to use right out of the box for most simple applications. By simple reprogramming, the AC Technology Drive SCM can perform many application specific tasks such as multiple preset speeds, electronic braking and motor jogging to name a few. The user manual and quick reference guide for the SCM Series Drive, and all Lenze AC Technology Inverters, are available in the AC Technology web site Library.

AC Tech SCL Series Sub-Micro Drive

AC Technology SCL/SCM model Drives are suitable for UL pollution degree 2 environment only, and MUST be installed in an Industrial Electrical Enclosures which will provide complete mechanical protection and will maintain the internal temperature within the AC Technology drive's ambient operating temperature rating. All AC Tech drive models MUST be mounted in a vertical position for proper heatsink cooling. Maintain a minimum spacing around the drive of at least 1 inch (25 mm) on each side and 2 inches (50 mm) on the top and bottom for units up to 5 Hp (4 kW), and 2 inches (50 mm) on each side and 4 inches (100 mm) on the top and bottom for larger units. Allow more spacing if the AC Technology drive is mounted next to other heat producing equipment.

The MC Series Sub-micro drive

The most feature packed micro drive available today. The MC Series is a full featured micro drive. These units are physically smaller and less expensive than the QC Series and are well suited for most constant torque or variable torque applications.

The Q1000 Series Nema 1 and chassis model constant torque drives. A proven general purpose work horse. A constant torque, tgeneral purpose drive. The benefit of using this series of drives is the versatility of options that can be installed at the factory, such as a disconnect switch, input lin fuses and input line reactor.
AC Tech Drives
1 to 150 horsepower 

The Q2000 Series
Nema 4, 4X, and 12 constant torque drives. A rugged package that stands up to the most demanding applications. Like the Q1000, Series the Q2000 can offers a versatility of options that can be installed at the factory, such as a disconnect switch, input lin fuses and input line reactor. 
AC Tech Drives
1 to 125 horsepower

The Q3000 Series
Nema 1 and Nema 12 variable torque models. Available with a variety of option packages. The perfect choice for HVAC and WWTP applications.


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