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Industrial Bearings and Drives, Power Transmissions, Diamond Saws, Electrical

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Industrial Drives & Electric, Inc. is an independently owned provider of industrial products and services to mining, manufacturing, engineering and OEM companies, and holds the area's most comprehensive range of bearings, power transmissions, conveyors and ancillary  equipment.

craftbearing150 Craft Split Bearings, Cooper Interchange, Split Pillowblock, Cylindrical,
 Pillowblock & Split roller bearings at discount prices

Limited Supply at Distributors Cost!

The Craft Split Bearing is split down to the shaft so that all components, even the seals, can be easily and quickly replaced. With the split design, replacing a bearing becomes a minor maintenance job as opposed to a major, potentially catastrophic event. That's because it eliminates the need to remove shafts and drive components installed on the shaft, confining the scope of the repair to the bearing itself. Furthermore, in most cases, only the internal bearing components need to be replaced, and this can easily be done without even removing the pedestal.

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AC Tech Electronic Programming Module
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AC Tech Building & HVAC Control Drives Series MCH

Power Transmisson, Industrial Bearings, Electrical ProviderIndustrial Drives & Electric, Inc. concentrates on five primary areas;

Specialization in these areas enable us  to provide expert customer service and have the right parts in stock to keep your operation running efficiently.

Industrial Drives & Electric, Inc. represents over 300 manufacturers

 We stock and supply an incredibly wide range of parts and products including industrial bearings, Drives and Power Transmission components,  Hydraulics Systems, Diamond Saws & Polishers, and Maintenance Supplies. We can also provide complete turnkey systems for granite mining and processing, including:

  • Electrical panels
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Services
  • Gearbox repair
  • Conveyor maintenance

Industrial Drives & Electric, Inc. prides ourselves on industry-specific
Industrial Drives, Conveyors, Diamond Saws products
inventories  - the products you need available when you need them. With after-hours and emergency assistance with dedicated sales representatives, you receive service  unmatched in the industry. Knowledge is the foundation for the development of our people. The continuing expansion of our products and services is our commitment to keep you focused on your business.

Industrial Drives & Electric, Inc. is located in Elberton, Georgia, but can assist you, regardless of your location.  Orders received prior to 2:00 PM Eastern time are shipped the same day, and for emergencies, we will work as long as it takes to arrange special overnight shipping.  We can arrange special shipping to anywhere in the Nation. 

For more information, or to schedule service, contact Industrial Drives & Electric, Inc. at 706-213-6300 or E-mail support@industrialdriveselectric.com.

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